ecryptfs-utils (111-0ubuntu1.1) xenial-security; urgency=medium

  * SECURITY UPDATE: Information exposure via unencrypted swap partitions. The
    swap partition was not configured to use encryption when GPT partitioning
    was in use on NVMe and MMC drives.
    - debian/patches/set-up-encrypted-swap-on-nvme-and-mmc.patch: Properly
      handle the formatting of the path to swap partitions on NVMe and MMC
      drives so that they're correctly marked as not to be automatically
      mounted by systemd. Based on upstream patch from Jason Gerard DeRose.
      (LP: #1597154)
    - debian/ecryptfs-utils.postinst: Fix any unencrypted GPT swap partitions
      that have mistakenly remained marked as auto mount. This should only
      modify the swap partitions on systems that ecryptfs-setup-swap has been
      used on. (LP: #1447282, LP: #1597154)
    - CVE not yet assigned

Date: 2016-07-13 17:10:22.293423+00:00
Changed-By: Tyler Hicks <>
Maintainer: Dustin Kirkland  <>
Signed-By: Ubuntu Archive Robot 
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