dovecot (1:2.2.22-1ubuntu2.1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * Disable dovecot-lucene plugin as it had various issues, universe
    dependencies and is deprecated in favor of solr (LP: #1524526).
    - make dovecot-lucene an empty package.
    - disable building lucene, now --without-lucene.
    - remove libclucene-dev build dependency.
    - drop debian/dovecot-lucene.links, debian/dovecot-lucene.dirs and
      drop debian/dovecot-lucene.lintian-overrides.
    - add dovecot-lucene.README.Debian and dovecot-lucene.NEWS to explain
      to users why it is empty.

Date: 2016-09-21 09:32:10.779694+00:00
Changed-By: ChristianEhrhardt <>
Signed-By: Chris J Arges <>
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