libgd2 (2.1.1-4ubuntu0.16.04.5) xenial-security; urgency=medium

  * SECURITY UPDATE: denial of service via invalid read in
    - debian/patches/CVE-2016-6911.patch: check out of bounds reads in
      src/gd_io_dp.c, check return code in src/gd_tiff.c.
    - CVE-2016-6911
  * SECURITY UPDATE: denial of service and possible code execution via
    integer overflow in gdImageWebpCtx
    - debian/patches/CVE-2015-7568.patch: check for overflow in
    - CVE-2016-7568
  * SECURITY UPDATE: stack buffer overflow in dynamicGetbuf
    - debian/patches/CVE-2016-8670.patch: avoid potentially dangerous
      signed to unsigned conversion in src/gd_io_dp.c.
    - CVE-2016-8670

Date: 2016-10-18 13:04:29.898026+00:00
Changed-By: Marc Deslauriers <>
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