ubuntu-image (0.15+16.04ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * SRU tracking number LP: #1665014
  * ubuntu-image now supports gadget.yaml files with multiple volume
    specifications.  Each volume describes a different disk image.  For
    the multi-volume case, no implicit root file system structure is added
    at all; the root file system partition must be defined in the
    gadget.yaml.  -o/--output is ignored in the multi-volume case.
  * Add -O/--output-dir command line options.  Disk image files are
    written here using the volume name and a .img suffix.  Deprecate
    -o/--output.  -O and -o are mutually exclusive.
  * Handle structure parts with size or offset < 1MiB.  (LP:1630709)
  * Warn when the size or offset is not a multiple of the sector size.
    (LP:1663172 and LP:1621151)
  * Allow and ignore any string values in the ``defaults`` section.
  * Handle a couple more cases where ubuntu-image as a snap cannot read
    from /tmp (model assertions and extra snaps).  (LP:1663424)
  * Add a release script.  (LP:1655669)
  * Version numbers for the snap now say "+snap" instead of "+real".

Date: 2017-02-15 17:04:11.207554+00:00
Changed-By: Barry Warsaw <ba...@canonical.com>
Signed-By: Brian Murray <br...@ubuntu.com>
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