pulseaudio (1:8.0-0ubuntu3.3) xenial; urgency=medium

  [Luke Yelavich, Konrad ZapaƂowicz]
  * Fixed multiple interrelated problems with using Bluetooth audio (A2DP),
    where users would experience some combination of:
    - Bluetooth headset/speakers listed but not selectable in Sound settings
      (LP: #1283003)
    - [regression] Bluetooth audio no longer supports A2DP (stuck in HSP/HFP
      mode) (LP: #1438510)
    - [xenial] Bluetooth device doesn't play any sound in A2DP mode unless set
      to HSP/HFP first (LP: #1582213)
  * Specific patches from upstream used to address the above problems:
    - 0103-bluetooth-Add-support-for-automatic-switch-between-h.patch
    - 0104-bluetooth-Add-support-for-automatic-switch-bluez5.patch
    - 0106-bluetooth-Add-optional-heuristic-for-switching-betwe.patch
      . Backport from upstream to fix a bug in Xenial where an incorrect
        audio profile is applied for a headset connected over Bluetooth
        making using it impossible.
    - 0105-bluetooth-policy-do-A2DP-profile-restoring-a-bit-lat.patch
      . Fix a crash that happens if the BT headset is the only non-monitor
        source in the system and the last "phone" stream dies.
    - 0700-pulsecore-add-new-card-profile-hook.patch
      . Backport from upstream (commit 7b6260140149) to allow for correct
        profile selection.
    - 0701-bluetooth-bluez5-wait-for-all-profiles-to-connect.patch
      . Backport from upstream waiting for all profiles to connect before
        creating a card.

Date: 2017-06-07 13:18:12.149659+00:00
Changed-By: Daniel van Vugt <daniel.van.v...@canonical.com>
Signed-By: Brian Murray <br...@ubuntu.com>
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