linux-azure-edge (4.14.0-1004.4) xenial; urgency=low

  * linux-azure-edge: 4.14.0-1004.4 -proposed tracker (LP: #1746066)

  * [Hyper-V] x86/hyperv: Stop suppressing X86_FEATURE_PCID (LP: #1745247)
    - x86/hyperv: Stop suppressing X86_FEATURE_PCID

  * [Hyper-V] scsi: storvsc: Spread interrupts when picking a channel for I/O
    requests (LP: #1745260)
    - SAUCE: scsi: storvsc: Spread interrupts when picking a channel for I/O

  * [Hyper-V] scsi: storvsc: Increase cmd_per_lun for higher speed devices
    (LP: #1745261)
    - SAUCE: scsi: storvsc: Increase cmd_per_lun for higher speed devices

  * Miscellaneous Ubuntu changes
    - [Config] updateconfigs after rebase to Ubuntu-4.14.0-17.20

  [ Ubuntu: 4.14.0-17.20 ]

  * linux: 4.14.0-17.20 -proposed tracker (LP: #1744981)
  * TB16 dock ethernet corrupts data with hw checksum silently failing
    (LP: #1729674)
    - r8152: disable RX aggregation on Dell TB16 dock
  * Shutdown hang on 16.04 with iscsi targets (LP: #1569925)
    - scsi: libiscsi: Allow sd_shutdown on bad transport
  * 4.13: unable to increase MTU configuration for GRE devices (LP: #1743746)
    - ip_gre: remove the incorrect mtu limit for ipgre tap
  * System hang with Linux kernel due to mainline commit 24247aeeabe
    (LP: #1733662)
    - x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Prevent use after free
  * $(LOCAL_ENV_CC) and $(LOCAL_ENV_DISTCC_HOSTS) should be properly quoted
    (LP: #1744077)
    - [Debian] pass LOCAL_ENV_CC and LOCAL_ENV_DISTCC_HOSTS properly
  * Missing install-time driver for QLogic QED 25/40/100Gb Ethernet NIC
    (LP: #1743638)
    - [d-i] Add qede to nic-modules udeb
  * boot failure on AMD Raven + WesternXT (LP: #1742759)
    - SAUCE: drm/amdgpu: add atpx quirk handling (v2)
  * Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at isci_task_abort_task
    (LP: #1726519)
    - SAUCE: Revert "scsi: libsas: allow async aborts"
  * Bionic update to v4.14.14 stable release (LP: #1744330)
    - dm bufio: fix shrinker scans when (nr_to_scan < retain_target)
    - KVM: Fix stack-out-of-bounds read in write_mmio
    - can: vxcan: improve handling of missing peer name attribute
    - can: gs_usb: fix return value of the "set_bittiming" callback
    - IB/srpt: Disable RDMA access by the initiator
    - IB/srpt: Fix ACL lookup during login
    - MIPS: Validate PR_SET_FP_MODE prctl(2) requests against the ABI of the 
    - MIPS: Factor out NT_PRFPREG regset access helpers
    - MIPS: Guard against any partial write attempt with PTRACE_SETREGSET
    - MIPS: Consistently handle buffer counter with PTRACE_SETREGSET
    - MIPS: Fix an FCSR access API regression with NT_PRFPREG and MSA
    - MIPS: Also verify sizeof `elf_fpreg_t' with PTRACE_SETREGSET
    - MIPS: Disallow outsized PTRACE_SETREGSET NT_PRFPREG regset accesses
    - cgroup: fix css_task_iter crash on CSS_TASK_ITER_PROC
    - kvm: vmx: Scrub hardware GPRs at VM-exit
    - platform/x86: wmi: Call acpi_wmi_init() later
    - iw_cxgb4: only call the cq comp_handler when the cq is armed
    - iw_cxgb4: atomically flush the qp
    - iw_cxgb4: only clear the ARMED bit if a notification is needed
    - iw_cxgb4: reflect the original WR opcode in drain cqes
    - iw_cxgb4: when flushing, complete all wrs in a chain
    - x86/acpi: Handle SCI interrupts above legacy space gracefully
    - ALSA: pcm: Remove incorrect snd_BUG_ON() usages
    - ALSA: pcm: Workaround for weird PulseAudio behavior on rewind error
    - ALSA: pcm: Add missing error checks in OSS emulation plugin builder
    - ALSA: pcm: Abort properly at pending signal in OSS read/write loops
    - ALSA: pcm: Allow aborting mutex lock at OSS read/write loops
    - ALSA: aloop: Release cable upon open error path
    - ALSA: aloop: Fix inconsistent format due to incomplete rule
    - ALSA: aloop: Fix racy hw constraints adjustment
    - x86/acpi: Reduce code duplication in mp_override_legacy_irq()
    - 8021q: fix a memory leak for VLAN 0 device
    - ip6_tunnel: disable dst caching if tunnel is dual-stack
    - net: core: fix module type in sock_diag_bind
    - phylink: ensure we report link down when LOS asserted
    - RDS: Heap OOB write in rds_message_alloc_sgs()
    - RDS: null pointer dereference in rds_atomic_free_op
    - net: fec: restore dev_id in the cases of probe error
    - net: fec: defer probe if regulator is not ready
    - net: fec: free/restore resource in related probe error pathes
    - sctp: do not retransmit upon FragNeeded if PMTU discovery is disabled
    - sctp: fix the handling of ICMP Frag Needed for too small MTUs
    - sh_eth: fix TSU resource handling
    - net: stmmac: enable EEE in MII, GMII or RGMII only
    - sh_eth: fix SH7757 GEther initialization
    - ipv6: fix possible mem leaks in ipv6_make_skb()
    - ethtool: do not print warning for applications using legacy API
    - mlxsw: spectrum_router: Fix NULL pointer deref
    - net/sched: Fix update of lastuse in act modules implementing stats_update
    - ipv6: sr: fix TLVs not being copied using setsockopt
    - mlxsw: spectrum: Relax sanity checks during enslavement
    - sfp: fix sfp-bus oops when removing socket/upstream
    - membarrier: Disable preemption when calling smp_call_function_many()
    - crypto: algapi - fix NULL dereference in crypto_remove_spawns()
    - mmc: renesas_sdhi: Add MODULE_LICENSE
    - rbd: reacquire lock should update lock owner client id
    - rbd: set max_segments to USHRT_MAX
    - iwlwifi: pcie: fix DMA memory mapping / unmapping
    - x86/microcode/intel: Extend BDW late-loading with a revision check
    - KVM: x86: Add memory barrier on vmcs field lookup
    - KVM: PPC: Book3S PR: Fix WIMG handling under pHyp
    - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Drop prepare_done from struct kvm_resize_hpt
    - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Fix use after free in case of multiple resize 
    - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Always flush TLB in kvmppc_alloc_reset_hpt()
    - drm/vmwgfx: Don't cache framebuffer maps
    - drm/vmwgfx: Potential off by one in vmw_view_add()
    - drm/i915/gvt: Clear the shadow page table entry after post-sync
    - drm/i915: Whitelist SLICE_COMMON_ECO_CHICKEN1 on Geminilake.
    - drm/i915: Move init_clock_gating() back to where it was
    - drm/i915: Fix init_clock_gating for resume
    - bpf: prevent out-of-bounds speculation
    - bpf, array: fix overflow in max_entries and undefined behavior in 
    - bpf: arsh is not supported in 32 bit alu thus reject it
    - USB: serial: cp210x: add IDs for LifeScan OneTouch Verio IQ
    - USB: serial: cp210x: add new device ID ELV ALC 8xxx
    - usb: misc: usb3503: make sure reset is low for at least 100us
    - USB: fix usbmon BUG trigger
    - USB: UDC core: fix double-free in usb_add_gadget_udc_release
    - usbip: remove kernel addresses from usb device and urb debug msgs
    - usbip: fix vudc_rx: harden CMD_SUBMIT path to handle malicious input
    - usbip: vudc_tx: fix v_send_ret_submit() vulnerability to null xfer buffer
    - staging: android: ashmem: fix a race condition in ASHMEM_SET_SIZE ioctl
    - Bluetooth: Prevent stack info leak from the EFS element.
    - uas: ignore UAS for Norelsys NS1068(X) chips
    - mux: core: fix double get_device()
    - kdump: write correct address of mem_section into vmcoreinfo
    - apparmor: fix ptrace label match when matching stacked labels
    - e1000e: Fix e1000_check_for_copper_link_ich8lan return value.
    - x86/pti: Unbreak EFI old_memmap
    - x86/Documentation: Add PTI description
    - x86/cpufeatures: Add X86_BUG_SPECTRE_V[12]
    - sysfs/cpu: Add vulnerability folder
    - x86/cpu: Implement CPU vulnerabilites sysfs functions
    - x86/tboot: Unbreak tboot with PTI enabled
    - x86/mm/pti: Remove dead logic in pti_user_pagetable_walk*()
    - x86/cpu/AMD: Make LFENCE a serializing instruction
    - x86/cpu/AMD: Use LFENCE_RDTSC in preference to MFENCE_RDTSC
    - sysfs/cpu: Fix typos in vulnerability documentation
    - x86/alternatives: Fix optimize_nops() checking
    - x86/pti: Make unpoison of pgd for trusted boot work for real
    - objtool: Detect jumps to retpoline thunks
    - objtool: Allow alternatives to be ignored
    - x86/retpoline: Add initial retpoline support
    - x86/spectre: Add boot time option to select Spectre v2 mitigation
    - x86/retpoline/crypto: Convert crypto assembler indirect jumps
    - x86/retpoline/entry: Convert entry assembler indirect jumps
    - x86/retpoline/ftrace: Convert ftrace assembler indirect jumps
    - x86/retpoline/hyperv: Convert assembler indirect jumps
    - x86/retpoline/xen: Convert Xen hypercall indirect jumps
    - x86/retpoline/checksum32: Convert assembler indirect jumps
    - x86/retpoline/irq32: Convert assembler indirect jumps
    - x86/retpoline: Fill return stack buffer on vmexit
    - selftests/x86: Add test_vsyscall
    - x86/pti: Fix !PCID and sanitize defines
    - security/Kconfig: Correct the Documentation reference for PTI
    - x86,perf: Disable intel_bts when PTI
    - x86/retpoline: Remove compile time warning
    - Linux 4.14.14
  * Samsung SSD 960 EVO 500GB refused to change power state (LP: #1705748)
    - nvme-pci: disable APST on Samsung SSD 960 EVO + ASUS PRIME B350M-A
  * arm64: Unfair rwlock can stall the system (LP: #1732238)
    - locking/qrwlock: Use 'struct qrwlock' instead of 'struct __qrwlock'
    - locking/atomic: Add atomic_cond_read_acquire()
    - locking/qrwlock: Use atomic_cond_read_acquire() when spinning in qrwlock
    - locking/qrwlock, arm64: Move rwlock implementation over to qrwlocks
    - locking/qrwlock: Prevent slowpath writers getting held up by fastpath
  * Bionic update to v4.14.13 stable release (LP: #1742466)
    - kernel/acct.c: fix the acct->needcheck check in check_free_space()
    - mm/mprotect: add a cond_resched() inside change_pmd_range()
    - mm/sparse.c: wrong allocation for mem_section
    - userfaultfd: clear the vma->vm_userfaultfd_ctx if UFFD_EVENT_FORK fails
    - btrfs: fix refcount_t usage when deleting btrfs_delayed_nodes
    - efi/capsule-loader: Reinstate virtual capsule mapping
    - crypto: n2 - cure use after free
    - crypto: chacha20poly1305 - validate the digest size
    - crypto: pcrypt - fix freeing pcrypt instances
    - crypto: chelsio - select CRYPTO_GF128MUL
    - drm/i915: Disable DC states around GMBUS on GLK
    - drm/i915: Apply Display WA #1183 on skl, kbl, and cfl
    - sunxi-rsb: Include OF based modalias in device uevent
    - fscache: Fix the default for fscache_maybe_release_page()
    - x86 / CPU: Avoid unnecessary IPIs in arch_freq_get_on_cpu()
    - x86 / CPU: Always show current CPU frequency in /proc/cpuinfo
    - kernel/signal.c: protect the traced SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE tasks from SIGKILL
    - kernel/signal.c: protect the SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE tasks from 
    - kernel/signal.c: remove the no longer needed SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE check in
    - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Don't free page table ops twice
    - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Cope with duplicated Stream IDs
    - ARC: uaccess: dont use "l" gcc inline asm constraint modifier
    - powerpc/mm: Fix SEGV on mapped region to return SEGV_ACCERR
    - x86/microcode/AMD: Add support for fam17h microcode loading
    - apparmor: fix regression in mount mediation when feature set is pinned
    - parisc: Fix alignment of pa_tlb_lock in assembly on 32-bit SMP kernel
    - parisc: qemu idle sleep support
    - mtd: nand: pxa3xx: Fix READOOB implementation
    - KVM: s390: fix cmma migration for multiple memory slots
    - KVM: s390: prevent buffer overrun on memory hotplug during migration
    - Linux 4.14.13
  * Miscellaneous Ubuntu changes
    - [Config] update configs after v4.14.14 stable update
    - ubuntu: vbox -- update to 5.2.6-dfsg-2

Date: 2018-01-29 19:22:12.829257+00:00
Changed-By: Marcelo Cerri <>
Signed-By: Łukasz Zemczak <>
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