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Markus Wellauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Hello,

I have some questions regarding the remote connection with XenMan.

Is there a possibility to make sure, that XenMan has build up a
connection with a remote server?

Jd >> a. you should see list of running  VMs (domu) on the remote node.

How can I prove, that the XMLRPC-Port on the Server is working properly?

Jd>> on the **server machine** : telnet to the port you should see something 
like below. This means that a server is listening on 8005.
(press ctrl-D to get out.)

# telnet localhost 8005 
Connected to localhost.localdomain (
Escape character is '^]'.

I'm using Debian Sarge as Xen-server and a Ubuntu 6.10 as client.

jd>> Read the latest post on ssh setup : This might help.
jd>>We can improve this doc as people find more cases...



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