I have been looking around for XenMan on the win32 platform and couldn't 
find anything about this.
Have you any knowledge of people running it on win32?

I have attempted to port it to win32 and since it's written in Python I 
thought it shouldn't be that hard to do.
Currently I am able to run XenMan on Windows (see attached screenshot), 
but of course all the paths are quite different since Windows doesn't 
use paths like /etc and /var/log.

The only thing missing however on Windows is the vte library, and I 
wasn't able to find any win32 binaries of libvte so far.
As a result the console button doesn't work.
Does anybody know where to search ports of libraries like vte?

Another thing that keeps popping up us that the line
    self._parser.Parse("", 1) # end of data
in <pythondir>\Lib\xmlrpclib.py causes the exception:
    "no element found: line 1, column 0"
Is there any way to avoid this?

    Brecht Sanders

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