Yes indeed, I was looking for it. This is great. Thanks. Do you know which KVM 
version would ur patch be in ? 

I will have to look in to this as this is related to the migration of KVM. 
During migration, we create a KVM instance with --incoming switch... and when 
in this state, the monitor remains in the blocked state.  i.e. all attempt to 
give commands would block. To display correct state of the VM, we keep polling 
the vm status, which would hang.

I had read some traffic about changing this blocking behavior during migration. 
If this is changed, then we can enable the pause/resume feature in the product. 
Do u know about the migration behavior change I am talking about ?


--- On Fri, 12/19/08, Philipp Wehrheim <> wrote:

> From: Philipp Wehrheim <>
> Subject: [convirt-users] ConVirt pause-button
> To:
> Date: Friday, December 19, 2008, 4:11 AM
> Hey,
> the qemu guys just accepted a small patch that makes
> it possible to trigger the VM-status (running|paused).
> Since ConVirt is stateless this information is needed
> in order to indicate the VM status in the gui etc etc.
> @jd as you were talking about this functionality
> (@kvm-list) some time
> ago do you have already some code to implement it in
> convirt?
> bye
> flip
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