As the authentication is done via keys..(external to ConVirt..)
-- if it is invoked from the right shell, the connection would work.
-- if invoked from a shell without ssh-agent, it will fail. 

I will look in to paramiko, if we can avoid, ssh-agent, it might be possible.


--- On Sun, 12/21/08, Himanshu Khona <> wrote:

> From: Himanshu Khona <>
> Subject: [convirt-users] Convirt persistence
> To:,
> Date: Sunday, December 21, 2008, 10:22 PM
> Dear Jd  and all - As I mentioned earlier the keys issue got
> resolved after
> I invoked convirt from a shell on which ssh keys were added
> to ssh-agent.
> Now - My questions is, what happens when I get out of
> convirt and mistakenly
> invoke it from a shell which does not have ssh-agent
> running?
> Will it fail to connect to that managed nodes? Or once
> added, it stores all
> the necessary information to persistent db?
> If it is latter, then that is fine otherwise this I believe
> is an
> enhancement which will be good for convirt.
> Thanks,
> Himanshu
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