XEN newbie. Looking for a GUI Tool to manage my office XEN install
(proposed) from any GUI tool to be installed in CentOS v. 5.x running
under Parallels v. 4, on my Macbook. I evaluated Convirture & though
it suitable as it is able to manage remote servers. However when I
tried to install it using yum, I found that it tries to install Xen
kernel on the machine running it. In my case this is a Virtual Linux
Server running under Parallels. So I thought it is like running a
hypervisor inside hypervisor and would not work as each would want
direct hardware access.

Am I correct? Or can I run convirture without Xen kernel, as I need to
manage Xen only on remote machines, not on the local machine running
Convirture? If so, is such a rpm version available?

And if I cant run convirture within virtualized Linux, can someone
please suggest any alternative?

With best regards.


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