Hi, list:

I'm testing convirt 2.0.

So far I installed the server on a virtual machine to get a glance of the web 

Our current environment uses Debian Lenny's Xen with a bunch of Dom0s and 
Coraid's AoE cabins for shared storage.

We use AoE devices (the likes of /dev/etherd/e0.0p0, e0.0p1...) to build 
cLVM-based Virtual Groups for our different units (say, an VG for 
Development, a different one for QA and so on).  Then, our virtual machines 
are paravirtualized DomUs that take storage from Logical Volumes from the VG 
the machine is working for, so for, say, a QA machine named 
example-qa.example.com there will be two LVs 
named /dev/QA/example-qa.example.com-disk 
and  /dev/QA/example-qa.example.com-swap that by means of cLVM are "visible" 
from all of our Dom0s so the machine can be started (or migrated) to anyone 
of them.

I've seen convirt options for "shared storage" but for the AoE case they seem 
to work at the AoE device level, not the LVM one so, how can I enable a 
LVM-on-top-of-AoE shared storage so I can create different server pools 
(DEVELOPMENT, QA...) each of them gaining access to their delegated VGs?


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