Hi, list:

I'm in the process of evaluating convirt (2.0 plus patch bundle 1) and, while 
for the most part it looks very promising there are some "nuisances".

My environment is based on Xen over Debian "Lenny" virtualization servers 
(Dom0) and (mainly) Debian Lenny paravirtualizated guests (DomU) on cLVM for 
shared storage.

We have n+1 Dom0's so in case of malfunction, maintenance stop, etc. we can 
always start the guests from the offending server on the spare one.

Now: if I simulate malfunction of one of our Dom0's (pull the cord) and I try 
to "move away" by hand all its guests to our spare server the operation rises 
an error: "(113, No route to host)" so not only I lose the virt server and 
all its guests but there's no way to recover (except for direct mangling of 
the underlying database, I suppouse).

Is this a known bug? Is it expected for this behaviour to change in future 

A related issue is that once the Dom0 is recovered its depending guests 
won't "autostart" (of course, for this to work properly the starting server 
should "conciliate" which guests it's expected to turn on in order to avoid 
turning on the same guest on two servers at the time).


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