> > > >I will look into making a xenomai.pc file.
> > >
> > > Make it a xenomai.pc.in file   ;-)

Yes, that's what I considered doing.

> > I am not sure we want to depend on pkg-config...
> Gilles, put it the other way around. Xenomai won't depend on
> pkg-config, but applications using Xenomai, will happily
> depend on it, if they choose this option. To me, pkg-config
> shouldn't be a replacement, but an alternative choice to
> xeno-config.

I agree, it considered that as an alternative.

Unfortunately, it is not that simple.
It would be necessary to create several *.pc.in files, one for 
each set of config parameters, cf. the output of xeno-config:
- xenomai-kernel.pc.in <-> --kernel-*
- xenomai-native.pc.in <-> --xeno-*
- xenomai-posix.pc.in <-> --posix-*
- xenomai-uvm.pc.in <-> --uvm-*

Beware that me must "merge" the *-cflags and *-ldflags config 
info, because pkg-config splits them a-posteriori, cf. the 
--cflags, --libs-only-L and --libs-only-l options of pkg-config.
That separation is different from that of Xenomai's xeno-config.

And the xeno-config script would still be necessary for some 
parameters, such as:
    xeno-config --module-dir
    xeno-config --config
pkg-config is too limited regarding the information that we can 
put into .pc files...

Anyway, Stephane, if you want to write the four *.pc.in, go on 
please! :)

Romain Lenglet

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