Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Hi,
>> just to avoid that this issue got lost during the migration to Xenomai:
>> It's still not possible to compile a C++ POSIX program with CFLAGS
>> obtained via "xeno-config --posix-ldflags". This is due to the fact that
>> low-level, C++-incompatible headers get included in that case. Moreover,
>> the same scenarion works for native skin programs only by chance at the
>> moment.
>> On the long term, a clear separation between types, defines, function
>> prototypes, etc. needed for the user API on the one and for core
>> compilation on the other side is required.
> Without duplicating definitions and ABI information, otherwise this
> would be an absolute nightmare. Suggestions welcome.

To pick up this issue again (as it's biting me more and more...):

What precisely prevents us at the moment from removing the
-I<kernel-headers> from all userspace build steps, both Xenomai's own
libraries as well as external rt-applications?

Gilles explained to me that at least asm/atomic.h is used by certain
parts like UVM (or only UVM?), and that including this header directly
from /usr/include fails on Red Hat/Fedora boxes. Are there any further
problems? At least on my SuSE 10 everything still compiles fine
(including UVM) when I remove the kernel headers from XENO_USER_CFLAGS


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