Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Hannes Mayer wrote:
>>Hi Jan et al.!
>>Jan Kiszka wrote:
>>>+modprobe xeno_16550A ioaddr=<io1>[,<io2>...] irq=<irq1>[,<irq2>...]
>>>+                     [tx_fifo=<len1>[,<len2>...]] [start_index=<index>]
>>>+    ioaddr<N>   - I/O address of device <N> (e.g. 0x3f8 for ttyS0)
>>>+    irq<N>      - interrupt number of device <N> (e.g. 4 for ttyS0)
>>>+    tx_fifo<N>  - Transmitter FIFO size in bytes of device <N>,
>>>default is 16
>>>+    start_index - First device instance number to be used, default is 0
>>If I may throw in my 2 eurocents:
>>I think the Arguments-section is a bit misleading.
>>One doesn't specify ioaddr1, ioaddr2 etc. on the command line, as suggested
>>by ioaddr<N>, but ioaddr=[1.dev],[2.dev]...
>>Same for irq and tx_fifo.
>>What about this:
>>    ioaddr      - I/O addresses of devices (e.g. 0x3f8 for ttyS0),
>>separated by comma
>>    irq         - interrupt numbers of devices (e.g. 4 for ttyS0),
>>separated by comma
>>    tx_fifo     - Transmitter FIFO sizes in bytes of devices, default is
>>16, separated by comma
>>    start_index - First device instance number to be used, default is 0
>>=> rtser0
>>Just trying to make it as clear as possible :-)
> Indeed, my version is misleading, your version makes more sense. Just
> the parameter for ttyS0 are not necessarily the one you listed, only

Oops, actually I originally sorted ttyS0 to 0x3f8, not you. As I said:
don't trust anything I produce between 3 and 5 am...

> typically. Will post a patch.

Patch posted, feel free to comment again!


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