Hi Bruno,

I have a few remarks on the new web-site :)

- lots of blank space at the bottom/left/right side of the page (width is 
about 3 cm. approx.) err.. is it really necessary (functionality or 
design-wise)? ok, it's difficult to argue on the design side since it's, 
well, very subjective :)

- "Main menu" is not that easily accessable. e.g. I need to scroll the page a 
bit down in order to get access to the login form or even (when my mozilla 
has a "personal toolbar" switched on) - to the "Development Source Code" 

- default font is too small and a bit faded (grey on white background or white 
on gray one)

- Opera and Mozilla show some news/topic headers adjusted differently. 
Actually, everything is left-adjusted with Mozilla and some parts are 
centered with Opera, e.g. it may look like:

Xenomai v2.0.1  
Written by Administrator        
                                                Sunday, 13 November 2005

Ok, it's not that important and likely easily fixable.

- the picture of sky with "Real-Time framework for Linux" and "NewsFlash" box 
take too much space (almost a whole bottom half of the page). I would not say 
that part is so informative and so "deserves" that amount of space.

that's what I have in my mind at the moment :o)

Best regards,

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