> I have a few remarks on the new web-site :)
> - lots of blank space at the bottom/left/right side of the page (width is
> about 3 cm. approx.) err.. is it really necessary (functionality or
> design-wise)? ok, it's difficult to argue on the design side since it's,
> well, very subjective :)

> On the left: it depends on the length of the header of the article,
> sorry but can't do anything about that beside resizing the whole
> table. Is it really disturbing ?
> On the right side, it is normal because this area is reserved for
> adding logos, special ads etc. It is not used at the moment.
> All in one: yes you may be right and I guess I could get rid of this
> area and resize then the whole thing to avoid blank areas.

I am sorry if my description was not clear. The "table" with useful information seems to be centered and it takes about 3/5 of the screen width while 1/5 is left as blank space on the left and another 1/5 - on the right. I'd suggest, if it's possible of course, to resize the page so it may take about 4/5 of the screen width and adjust it to the left in the same time. In such a case, there is still 1/5 of the blank scree on the right for banners, etc.

now: [ 1/5 : blank space] [ 3/5 : useful data ] [ 1/5 : blank space (for banners) ]

alternative: [ 4/5 : useful data ] [ 1/5 : blank space (for banners) ]

> - "Main menu" is not that easily accessable. e.g. I need to scroll the page a
> bit down in order to get access to the login form or even (when my mozilla
> has a "personal toolbar" switched on) - to the "Development Source Code"
> sub-menu

> Don't really understant that one ! I use a laptop with 15in screen
> and don't have this problem. What screen size and resolution do you
> use ? As far as I am concerned, the whole website is visible on an
> entire page.

It looks fine on my 19" (1280:1024) screen at work and the whole page is (almost) visible. I use a laptop with 13,3" (1024:768) at home and the page there looks differently (I may do a screenshot later). I wonder how it looks like on a generic 15" tube-monitor (800:600) :o)

> - default font is too small and a bit faded (grey on white background or white
> on gray one)

> I used  the template as it is (I didn't change the CSS). I trust
> webdesigners for that and I'm not sure black fonts would look any
> better. I can try though.

Don't worry about that, it's too subjective in any case :)

> - Opera and Mozilla show some news/topic headers adjusted differently.
> Actually, everything is left-adjusted with Mozilla and some parts are
> centered with Opera, e.g. it may look like:
>                                                                 Home
> Xenomai v2.0.1
> Written by Administrator
>                                                 Sunday, 13 November 2005
> Ok, it's not that important and likely easily fixable.

> I didn't try the website on all browsers. I will have a look at this
> particular point.

It doesn't matter so much really.

> - the picture of sky with "Real-Time framework for Linux" and "NewsFlash" box
> take too much space (almost a whole bottom half of the page). I would not say
> that part is so informative and so "deserves" that amount of space.

> Again, the template has been designed by professionals,  some people
> may like it others don't ;) The most important thing is that the
> load time has to be short. As far as the size is concerned, I don't
> want to change it at the moment since the banner will for sure be
> redesigned in the near future (just need the idea for that). I guess
> we can make it a bit smaller then.

As I pointed out above, it looks much nicer on a bigger screen (but still I'd make it smaller :)

Anyway, the main goal is not about getting a main prize for the best design so don't pay too much attention to my  comments ;) Some things can be always adjusted later.

Best regards,

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