yep, it's a problem since data may be client-dependent. In such a case, for a new client old messages are just irrelevant. And xnpipe_release() cleans up the queus but, well, does it too earlier.


1) should xnpipe_open_handler() and xnpipe_close_handler() be called without holding a lock?

they are not used currently so I can't see.

I intend to make xnpipe_open() completely atomic.

2) the cleaning of the queues (inq, outq) must take place atomically at the time when XNPIPE_USER_CONN is dropped.

it's about something like



// clean up all the queues


it looks like we can't make the whole xnpipe_release() atomic because of PREEMPT_RT + wake_up_interruptible_all() things, right? Or no.



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