Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Here is an update regarding the way things progress on the v2.1 branch:
> o The build system has been deeply revamped, so that we now fully leave
> the burden of building Xenomai's kernel support to Linux. To this end,
> the code tree has been reorganized in two major sections, the first one
> contains the kernel-related sources (ksrc/), the other is hosting the
> user-space support (src/). Since the user-space portion does not need to
> know about the kernel sources anymore, several issues have been solved
> in the same move. All in all, things are way simpler than before, which
> seems to indicate that we are heading to the right direction. The
> documentation for the installation process needs to be updated though.
> o Also as a matter of build system (and a bit more), v2.1 has been
> backported to Linux 2.4, starting with the ppc32 support. We rely on
> Denx's 2_4-devel tree as our 2.4 kernel of reference for this port [1].
> A second backport to 2.4/x86 will happen when this combo is I-pipe
> ready. We are ahead of schedule regarding this backport, since it was
> initially planned for Q12006, but since we are going to add more
> supported architectures in the next months, it's better to have a stable
> build system for that.
> o PowerPC-wise (again), we should be close to ready for 2.6.15, since
> Heikki merged both the 32 and 64-bit trees in a single one.
> All other tasks planned are undergoing. For my part, I'm going to fiddle
> now with ADI's Blackfin for which we already have the required Adeos
> support, and create the Xenomai port for it. Since this one is uClinux
> based, we should be able to check that the new build system is ok to
> host any kind of port sanely.

Question: On recent roadmaps I'm so far missing the topic "RT-signal
support in userspace". Are there any concrete schedules (Qx 200y)?

I think to remember that you said Adeos would be involved in such an
extension. Maybe it would be a good time to think about this also when
we extend the Adeos API by shareable IRQs.


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