Jan Kiszka wrote:

as I'm lazy, er busy, I'm pushing this idea into public instead of
hacking a patch on my own: wouldn't it be nice to have something like
the latency backtrace of PREEMPT_RT also in Xenomai?

Yes; we would had saved a lot of time with a precise debug instrumentation in place in the early fusion days. It's a lesson for the future.

 Even when the core
is once optimised ;), there can still be drivers with long IRQ locks
nuking the WCET.

I saw that there is already something for SMP spinlock debugging. Is it
a lot of work to extend this to UP and maybe even all IRQ-off locks?

AFAICS, it's basically a matter of decoupling CONFIG_SMP and CONFIG_XENO_SPINLOCK_DEBUG, so that we'd allow a dummy spinlock to exist even in UP, just to carry on with the statistics collection.

someone already look at the backtrace implementation of PREEMPT_RT in

There are different levels of support for this, but basically, mcount() support has been crafted for the kernel so that gcc can be asked to insert prologue/epilogue calls in every routine when -pg is passed. Additionally, a global trace function keeps a copy of internal timings and callers %eip when traversed.

 Is is complicated to port?

mcount() support should be fairly manageable to port.

 Does it require some changes at
ADEOS level?

Don't think so. gcc would do the job for the whole kernel anyway using mcount(), and trace calls could be spreaded as needed otherwise.



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