Hi !
You will find below some information about current issues concerning Xenomai website.
Just for your information, I performed some slight improvements on Xenomai website. The main menu column has actually been resized smaller, not too much though in order to keep a reasonable size for the NewsFlash area.
Next step is to do the same with the top banner (probably half size) which will be done as soon as I find a web designer willing to work on this task. If you find some pictures (free from rights) that would fit well in a banner (or just in part of the composition), don't hesitate to send it to me.
There is still a problem with xenomai.org redirection and clean URL since the domain name is automatically remapped to http://snail.fsffrance.org/www.xenomai.org/
I'm currently investigating the problem with the system administrator of the fsffrance which hosts the website.
Migration of API documentation should be done by the end of the week.
Finally a wiki has been installed and is available at http://snail.fsffrance.org/www.xenomai.org/wiki/doku.php
The purpose of this wiki is to facilitate the working-out of draft document such as FAQ for example. Feel free to use it if you think you have relevant information that could be part of more complete documents. You will have to register first at http://snail.fsffrance.org/www.xenomai.org/wiki/doku.php?id=start&do=register . After registration, an email will be sent to your email address and I will give you proper rights for creating pages.
If you have any questions or remarks, don't hesitate to drop me a mail.
Bruno Rouchouse
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