Dmitry Adamushko wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> the enclosed patches (the first version, hence it's still raw) are
> supposed to build the basis needed on the ipipe layer for adding
> support of real-time shared interrupts. As a side effect, the
> irq_trampoline() layer has been eliminated and the irq processing
> chain has become shorter.


> Some points are more likely to be changed in the next iteration (e.g.
> __ipipe_irq_cookie() vs. changing the ipipe_virtualize_irq()
> interface).
> The struct rthal_realtime_irq::hits[per-IRQ] is missed so far.
> Anyway, comments are very wellcome.

Only one so far: please update your Xenomai base - or is your Internet
link really /that/ slow ATM? ;)

Merry Christmas,

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