cant the timer be started by default ?

The current state (2.0.1) seems to lead to the following scenario:
1) Every app calls rt_timer_start()
2) If you call rt_timer_stop you can hurt other rt-apps, so dont
   call it
3) As some apps dont stop the timer, check in 1) if its already running

I think most apps do not care in which mode the timer is running if it is 
and just go on, of course you can stop and restart the timer if its a wrong 
but you do not know if you hurt others.

Now, as i read in the other thread that the periodic timer support isnt 
configured by default,
why not start the oneshot timer automatic ?

Like this, a 'normal' app doesnt need to fiddle with the timer and
an app that really cares can still call rt_timer_inquire,_stop,_start.


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