Hi everybody,

the recent patches are enclosed here. Mmm I haven't ported it to the recent adeos-ipipe && xeno though but I guess it's not a big obstacle for possible design-related comments etc.

just to note some main issues...

o  the ipipe_virtualize_irq() interface now includes an additional param, namely - void *cookie.

o  ipipe_domain::cpudata::irq_hits has been renamed to irq_pending_hits while irq_hits now stands for the former rthal_realtime_irq::irq_hits.

It's incremeneted in ipipe_irq_handle() and ipipe_schedule_irq(), IOW at the places where irqs (normal or virtual) become visible on the adeos radar first time.

Another approach would be to increment it in ipipe_sync_stage() right before calling actual isr handlers. This way, accounting (well, it depends what are we going to count though) would be wrong for virq and ipipe_tick_irq handler.

er.. I was confused by the fact that sum of all apcs in /proc/xenomai/apc != virq from /proc/xenomai/irq, but ipipe_printk_virq is not listed since it's registered without rthal::apc interface. Ok, should take a look at it closer, i.e. maybe at least rthal_linux_irq can be reworked now.

Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko

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