Jan Kiszka wrote:
Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you all survived the turn of the year without complications. ;)

Nearly buried alive in patches, but this is hardly a complication.

I would like to start with a new patch round. The first one is a revised
and extended version of the earlier posted in-kernel timer benchmark
based on a RTDM device. Changes since the first version:

 * revised command line argument to set the test mode
 * display test mode during startup
 * display hint on missing benchmark device
 * support of trace freeze on latency above specified threshold
 * extended benchmark device to provide ipipe-tracing functions to
 * further minor fixes

Ok, merged.

I think the patch should be ready to merge now. This would also be
helpful to provide a base on which Gilles can build his timer-scaling
tests. BTW, we still need some RTDM abstraction for timers, but this is
a different topic that will be addressed later.

Btw, since -rc1 is out, I've deprecated the Adeos oldgen support for all archs (ia64 is now I-pipe based too), so that I can merge Dmitry's work later on, exclusively into the newgen codebase. So if anyone still keeps any venerable pre-Ipipe patch in some hideout of his hdd, just let it go now; I know it's heartbreaking, but Xenomai is thankless.



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