Dear all,

Greetings of New Year 2006!

I presume that this is the right mailing list to ask
about the fundamental characteristics of Xenomai, a
very promising RTOS. If I'm wrong please forward it to
right place since I'm going to invite a group of 
people to implement Xenomai -;)

1. Xenomai and RTAI: 
I have already read some postings of this mailing list
about the separation of Xenomai from RTAI. But still
I'm not sure about the fundamental differences between
Xenomai and RTAI. I'm assuming that both are capable
RTOS working in conjunction with Linux after patching
by ADEOS patch, additionally Xenomai can be also used
to emulate traditional RTOS via skin personalities
like VxWorks, pSOS etc and user space RTOS API are
available in Xenomai (similar as LXRT in RTAI ?). I
think this is not all. 
So what are the basic differences in design,
functionality, implementation and also in motivation
between the two projects ?

2. Xenomai and other RTOSes: I assume, all RTOS has
their own strengths and limitations. But still I like
to ask about the specific limitation of Xenomai
comparing with other commercial RTOS. 
Is there any known significant RTOS functionality 
missing in Xenomai w.r.t major commercial RTOSes ?

3. Xenomai and target application domain: Is there any
specific application domain planned for Xenomai in
near future? (Like, RTAI gained popularity in DSP
style systems)

I would like to express my big thanks to you all for
mainataining such a  novel work and I hope soon many
people will join with you for making Xenomai a de
facto RTOS in open source world.

P.S. IEEE RTS and Xenomai: I explore the RT Research
Repository of IEEE at and I
think Xenomai should also be added there.

M. Omar Faruque Sarker
MS Student,
Korea Institue of Science and Technology (KIST)
Seoul, Korea (South)


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