Hi Jim,

Jim Cromie wrote:
hi Phillipe, everyone,

happy 06 !

Bugfree 06? Nah, just kidding...

Out of curiosity, I applied adeos-ipipe-2.6.14-i386-1.1-01.patch on top of 15.

the rejects were small, and simple enough looking, that even
a lazy sod like myself might manually fix them, so I did.

whats more, it built clean and booted !
I havent done anything more demanding than ls, df, etc,
but hey, low hanging fruit tastes just as good / even better ;-)

So heres hoping that you've not started this particular thankless task,

Nope, and since I don't routinely check Adeos against intermediate kernel versions, it's useful to know about the result people get doing so. Thanks.

and Ive saved your cycles for something more dependent on your
particular talents.

Well, the list of my talents is shortening it seems, since I managed to issue a nifty set of terminally broken patches for ppc, arm and blackfin in less than four hours yesterday... Ok, before resorting to brain surgery, I guess than I'm going to try coffee first. Who knows...





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