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Xenomai might preempt linux when linux has cleared a tasks MSR_FP, but
not yet set last_task_used_math to NULL. As a result the tasks MSR_FP
will get set, although it should be cleared. If the task happens to hit
one of the codepaths that save FPU state if MSR_FP is set, the wrong FPU
state might be saved to the task. The attached patch should fix this. I
couldn't try it on most recent Xenomai trunk, because latency wouldn't
build anymore. However, I see no reason it shouldn't work. All thee

Is it still broken with latest revision 376? Philippe had merged the fix
for my mess, and it worked at least for 2.6 on my box again.

I'd say this has been unchanged since the beginning (0.9?).

Then, what latency are we talking about? My last modifications went to
src/testsuite/latency. Did you mean ksrc/skins/native/demos/latency.c?

Sorry, I misinterpreted in a hurry. I was (still) talking about the fpu ;) It might be that the latency test didn't compile, because I didn't even enable the rtdm measuring device in kernel config or something(?). I'll try again.

-- Heikki Lindholm

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