attached is a patch of Xenomai trunk build system to allow building
Linux kernel as part of Xenomai build process. This way, typing make
install builds and installs the Linux kernel, kernel modules and

The patch is a bit young and still has a few drawbacks, but before
spending to much time on it, I would like to know if anyone is opposed
to the idea of building Linux in Xenomai build tree.

To try this patch, apply and run the bootstrap script.
3 options are then added to configure :
--enable-linux-build    Build Linux in Xenomai build tree
--with-linux-srcdir     specify the path to Linux sources. Default is to
                        use, if not cross-compiling, the source of the
                        running kernel or /usr/src/linux.
--with-adeos-patch      specify the path to the Adeos patch. Default is to
                        infer the patch name from Linux kernel version.

When using the --enable-linux-build option, configure creates a linux
tree in Xenomai build tree, and run the prepare-kernel.sh script for
this tree. Typing "make" re-runs prepare-kernel.sh (in case some changes
occured in Xenomai sources) and run make in the kernel tree.

Known limitations are:
- it is not very well tested, so, maybe some error cases are not handled
  correctly ;
- it is not tested with Linux 2.4 ;
- for an unknown reason, xenomai modules are built every time
  prepare-kernel.sh is run ;
- the cross-compilation prefix is inferred from the CC variable, it
  should work in most situations, but not all.

Happy new year.


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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