I needed a lot coffee and tobacco resources to find out that rt_task_spawn 
with NULL name will not work in userspace. The call failed with -3 (ESRCH?).
This error seems not documented the xenomai api documention.

Using rt_task_create and rt_task_start it was rt_task_start that failed.
I think this is related to Jans statement below.

As rt_task_spawn is a inline function and a combination of create/start, this 
can be confusing. I.e. rt_task_shadow works with NULL name and rt_task_spawn 
dont. At this point I should mention that im testing my pascal-translations 
of the xenomai native and rtdm headers, but i dont see that the problem 
should be related to it, I searched the problem a long time i this part ;-)

Some questions:
Im still using Xenomai 2.0.1, is this the problem ?
Shouldnt this be documented better ?
Would it work if rt_task_spawn is a skincall?

Is there a way to export the c-inline functions also in the libs, so that the 
complete api is exported ?
rt_task_spawn and some rt_*_unbind funtions are inlined.
Its not a problem to reprogram these in pascal, but for maintenance reasons
it would be nice if i could link against these functions.


Am Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2005 20.40 schrieb Jan Kiszka:
> Hi again,
> some questions just came up for me:
> 1. Is it intended that tasks created with NULL name in userspace are not
> accessible even to the creator? I.e. don't they have to register
> anonymously in that case like semaphores e.g. do?

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