Stelian Pop wrote:

Le 12 janv. 06 à 10:12, Philippe Gerum a écrit :

Hi Wolfgang,

Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:

Hi Philippe,
I just realized that recent changes in ksrc/arch/powerpc/switch.S have broken the build of Xenomai with linuxppc_2_4_devel on PPC:
 #include <asm/offsets.h> does not exist
 Symbols like SAVE_NVGPRS do not exist

Ok, thanks for the info. I'm going to fix and check the 2.4/ppc port today.

2.6/ppc build fails in the same way. Correcting it to <linux/asm- offsets.h> fixes fixes it.

Forgot that pre-2.6.14 versions include asm/offsets.h, while post- ones now include asm/asm-offsets. Ok, will fix. Thanks.




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