I cannot reproduce those messages after turning nucleus debugging on. Instead, I now either get relatively more failing mutexes or even hard lockups with the test program I sent to you. If the computer didn't crash, dmesg contains 3 Xenomai messages relating to a task being movend to secondary domain after exception #14. As when the computer crashes: I have written the last kernel panic message on a paper. Please tell if you want also the addresses or (part of) the call stack.
I'm still wondering if there's a programming error in the mutex test program. After I sent my previous message, and before I turned nucleus debugging on, I managed (by reducing the sleeptimes to max. 5.0e4) to fatally crash the computer, while spewing out countless 'scheduling while atomic messages'. Is the mutex error reproducible ?
Tomorrow I'll try the patch.
lostage_handler + e/33a
rthal_apc_handler + 3b/46
lostage_handler + 190/33a
rthal_apc_handler + 3b/46
__ipipe_sync_stage + 2a1/2bc
mark_offset_tsc + c1/456
__ipipe_sync_stage + 2a9/2bc
ipipe_unstall_pipeline_from + 189/194 (might be 181/194)
xnpod_delete_thread + ba1/bc3
mcount + 23/2a
taskexit_event + 4f/6c
__ipipe_dispatch_event + 90/173
do_exit + 10f/604
sys_exit + 8/14
syscall_call + 7/b
next_thread + 0/15
syscall_call + 7/b
<0> Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal Exception in interrupt
Thanks for investigating,
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