Germain Olivier wrote:
 > Hello
 > I am trying to understand how a pod is initialized.
 > I think it start with xncore_attach() from core.c, then with xnpod_init from
 > pod.c
 > But here (in xnpod_init) there is something not clear about the root thread
 > creation.
 > It use xnthread_init(&sched->rootcb, ...), but I don't see where
 > &sched->rootcb is initialized

xnthread_init does part of the initialization. The low level part of
rootcb (its xnarchtcb_t member) is initialized twice, first by the call
to xnarch_init_tcb in xnthread_init, and then overriden by
xnarch_init_root_tcb in xnpod_init.

For any other thread than root, the thread would be given a stack and
entry point by the call to xnarch_init_thread in xnpod_start_thread. But
the root thread is Xenomai idle task, a placeholder for whatever task
Linux is currenty running. At the time where xnpod_init is called, the
root thread is the current context, so already has a stack and is
already running.


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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