The patch available at 


is a "Ipipe + LTTng" patch for the kernel release.

In order to trace LTTng events in Xenomai, the patch 
"xenomai-2.1-rc1-lttng-05.patch.bz2" is necessary, this patch replaces the 
former LTT code with calls to LTTng tracing functions.

This Xenomai patch is an experimental ugly try, it does not contain any filter 
facilities. All Xeno events are recorded.

I have used the tool "genevent' (available on the LTTng site) to generate all 
C tracing functions. 

If anyone is OK to test this stuff, please use the QUICKSTART file available 
at http://ltt.polymtl.ca/svn/ltt/branches/poly/QUICKSTART (just replace the 
LTTng patches by our Ipipe + LTTng patch).

This patch has been created and tested with the folloving patches and 
-> adeos-ipipe-2.6.14-i386-1.1-00.patch
-> patch-2.6.14-lttng-0.5.0a.tar.bz2
-> lttng-modules-0.4.tar.gz
-> LinuxTraceToolkitViewer-0.8.0-17122005.tar.gz
-> genevent-0.3.tar.gz

The Ipipe patch comes from the Adeos download area and the LTTng stuff is 
available at the following address : http://ltt.polymtl.ca/

This patch has only been tested on a UP machine.


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