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Dmitry Adamushko wrote:
>>> ...
>> I have not checked it yet but my presupposition that something as easy as
>> :
>>> preempt_disable()
>>> wake_up_interruptible_sync();
>>> schedule();
>>> preempt_enable();
>> It's a no-go: "scheduling while atomic". One of my first attempts to
>> solve it.
> My fault. I meant the way preempt_schedule() and preempt_irq_schedule() call
> schedule() while being non-preemptible.
> To this end, ACTIVE_PREEMPT is set up.
> The use of preempt_enable/disable() here is wrong.
> The only way to enter schedule() without being preemptible is via
>> ACTIVE_PREEMPT. But the effect of that flag should be well-known now.
>> Kind of Gordian knot. :(
> Maybe I have missed something so just for my curiosity : what does prevent
> the use of PREEMPT_ACTIVE here?
> We don't have a "preempted while atomic" message here as it seems to be a
> legal way to call schedule() with that flag being set up.

When PREEMPT_ACTIVE is set, task gets /preempted/ but not removed from
the run queue - independent of its current status.

Err...  that's exactly the reason I have explained in my first mail for this thread :) Blah.. I wish I was smoking something special before so I would point that as the reason of my forgetfulness.

Actually, we could use PREEMPT_ACTIVE indeed + something else (probably another flag) to distinguish between a case when PREEMPT_ACTIVE is set by Linux and another case when it's set by xnshadow_harden().

struct task_struct *this_task = current;
xnthread_t *thread = xnshadow_thread(this_task);

if (!thread)

gk->thread = thread;

+ add_preempt_count(PREEMPT_ACTIVE);

// should be checked in schedule()
+ xnthread_set_flags(thread, XNATOMIC_TRANSIT);

+ schedule();

+ sub_preempt_count(PREEMPT_ACTIVE);

Then, something like the following code should be called from schedule() :

void ipipe_transit_cleanup(struct task_struct *task, runqueue_t *rq)
xnthread_t *thread = xnshadow_thread(task);

if (!thread)

if (xnthread_test_flags(thread, XNATOMIC_TRANSIT))
    xnthread_clear_flags(thread, XNATOMIC_TRANSIT);
    deactivate_task(task, rq);


schedule.c :
    switch_count = &prev->nivcsw;
    if (prev->state && !(preempt_count() & PREEMPT_ACTIVE))         switch_count = &prev->nvcsw;
        if (unlikely((prev->state & TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE) &&
            prev->state = TASK_RUNNING;
        else {
            if (prev->state == TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE)
            deactivate_task(prev, rq);

// removes a task from the active queue if PREEMPT_ACTIVE + // XNATOMIC_TRANSIT

+ ipipe_transit_cleanup(prev, rq);
+ #endif /* CONFIG_IPIPE */

Not very gracefully maybe, but could work or am I missing something important?

Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko

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