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To achieve this,

1) xnintr_t should be extended with a "name" field;

2) rt_intr_create() should contain a "name" argument and not use
auto-generation (as "irqN") any more.

Ok, sounds reasonable. This said, since this change would alter the interrupt API for the native skin, we should better do it asap, i.e. before 2.1 is out, so that we don't have to break the compatibility again in a few weeks/months. There is no urge to have the shared IRQ support available for 2.1, but the visible changes at the API level needed to have it in the future should be put in place early.


ll /proc/xenomai/registry/interrupts


Those are directories and e.g.

ll /proc/xenomai/registry/interrupts/5


Those are "files" and contain the same information as now.

This is harder to implement since the registry interface should be extended
(for each skin).

Isn't just the native skin using this registry? Anyway, as the preferred


way of registering IRQ handlers should be via RTDM, and RTDM does not
use the registry, go for the simplest solution. /proc/xenomai/interrupts
is more important in my eyes.

Ack. The native skin is only one of the available interfaces, and IRQ channels are interface-independent resources, so this would be better controlled at nucleus level. As an aside, the POSIX skin is very important in the picture too, and getting full access to the shared IRQ support/features from there is utterly important.



PS: Still at home?

Yes. This week I'm going to Belgium to attend a few meeting with some
customers of my potential employer. So my next step for the nearest future
will be finally determined there :)

Best wishes! Just avoid too much extra work, here is already enough to
do. ;)

How many degrees Centigrade? I guess our current -9°C

here in Hannover must appear ridiculous, almost subtropical warm to you.

Hey, I'm not from Syberia :o) This is a kind of common delusion I guess as
the whole former USSR is assotiated with cold winters, bears, eak.. KGB etc.

"Former"? Did I missed something? :)

from wikipedia.com (about Belarus) :

"The climate <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate> ranges from harsh
winters <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter> (average January temperatures
are in the range −8 °C to −2 °C) to cool and moist
summers<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summer>(average temperature 15 °C
to 20 °C)."

Actually, last days it was very cooooold - even about -30C. This happens
from time to time but very rare (once in a few years or so) and it's not
considered as something normal here. e.g. schools were closed a few last
days when the temperature was below -25. Actually, the weather is getting
crazy last years and not only here :)

[1] http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/sysperf/apic.mspx

Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko



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