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Dmitry Adamushko wrote:
> Hi,
> the previous version contained an ugly bug, namely the misuse of the
> test_and_set/clear_bit interface
> that led to a broken system from time to time.

What about the ISA/edge-triggered stuff? :D

My problem is that we cannot test here on real hardware because all our
shared IRQs reside on PC104 cards.

Could you provide me with some real piece of such code as an example?

Anyway, design-wise, it's about introducing a separate xnintr_handler() for such a special case to avoid getting a mixture with the rest of "sane" code. I mean that the support of shared interrupts for ISA boards (edge-triggered stuff) is a kind of emulation to overcome the shortcommings of the initial design on the hardware level. The hardware was just not supposed to support shared interrupt channels. So, let's keep it a bit aside from another code :o)

xnintr_attach() will check for a special flag like XN_ISR_ISASHARED and attach e.g. xnintr_isairq_handler() instead of xnintr_irq_handler().
I'll post an extension to the rt_intr_create(..., const char *name, ...) tomorrow - made but not tested yet -

as well as the /proc support.


Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko

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