Hi there,

as I promised, here go the following patches (ordered as they have to be applied one by one) :

1) shirq-base.patch

Adds the "name" field to the interrupt object of the nucleus layer.
Reworks the related bits of the native skin (+ a few minor changes for
posix and rtdm) to support the named interrupt objects.

2) shirq-v7.patch

Generic support for shared interrupts.

3) shirq-proc.patch

/proc support.

Now /proc/xenomai/irq shows the names of handlers.

The related code have been removed from the hal layer to nucleus.


4) shirq-isa.patch

Trying to handle the edge-triggered stuff.

This is a very preliminary version so the only thing I promise so far
is that it compiles successfully.

The functionality added by first 3 patches seem to be working.

Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko

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