Hannes Mayer wrote:
Ciao Philippe!

Philippe Gerum wrote:

Clearly not, it is still on the project's agenda, but PREEMPT_RT has been too much of a moving target recently, not to speak of the vanilla 2.6 kernel itself.

Recently ? As for Kernel 2.6 there has always been too much
development for a stable release IMO, so I still prefer 2.4,
but that's a solely personal opinion. On the other hand, 2.6
has been quite stable for me (desktop and devel-stress-testing).

I've not talked about instability for 2.6, but rather significant changes in some low-level layers. Incidentally, some of them were triggered by portion of the PREEMPT_RT infrastructure leaking to the vanilla kernel. Unfortunately, this sometimes causes issues you have to deal with when adapting Adeos to each new release.

This combo cannot be done overnight,

I was not complaining - just curious :-)

This work is likely going to start by a test campaign evaluating PREEMPT_RT's and Xeno's nucleus performances in a series of simple and relevant test cases over different ranges of platforms, so that we could

Testing ?
FWIW, I've just completed another page about the vanilla vs.
preempt_rt thing:
If you have the one or another additional stress test, I'd be more
than happy to add it to the page.

Ack. Thanks.

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