Hi Philippe,

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> À : ROSSIER Daniel
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> Objet : Re: [Xenomai-core] Watchdog/Interrupt management
> ROSSIER Daniel wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I've a - probably small ;-) - issue regarding the way how the watchdog
> and interrupt management are working together.
> > I'd like to implement a watchdog in a task to ensure that a task is well
> alive at periodic interval. For doing some tests, I've
> > implemented a small ISR which interceipts the keyboard interrupts (IRQ
> 1). The ISR is simply doing some busy wait burning CPU time,
> > but with a delay greater than the task period.
> > I assume that the ISR locks the rescheduling procedure as it is stated
> in the API doc (BTW; many thanks for having solved the doc issue).
> > So, the task switching is temporarly suspended and the watchdog should
> raise up an alarm after the ISR has been completed, right?
> > It doesn't.
> Because Adeos disables interrupts by default when calling an ISR from a
> non-Linux
> domain (like Xenomai's). You can re-enable them to get nested interrupts
> by doing
> this in your ISR:
> unsigned long flags;
> rthal_local_irq_sync(flags);
> <spin>
> rthal_local_irq_restore(flags);

Please, could you just provide me with a small explanation about what the 
rthal_local_irq_sync() function is doing? 

> > I've attached the code below (I've removed the function return check for
> readibility reasons, but all objects are fine).
> >
> > Another question:  the ISR is called on behalf of the interrupted stack
> context: does it mean that the ISR always runs in the stack context of the
> highest priority task, i.e. the running task (assume no inversion
> priority), or could it in some cases the kernel stack context (if ADEOS is
> currently doing some interruptible stuff..)
> >
> I-pipe Adeos versions always run interrupt handlers over the stack of the
> preempted context.

So, I presume I can use the  rt_task_self() function to get the task which has 
been pre-empted, right? (and I've always a valid task)

Thanks for your help.


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