I'm having problems using MSI interrupts in Xenomai.

When using normal PCI interrupts, my PCI card + RTDM driver work flawlessly. However, I noticed the following while trying to enable MSI (by having Linux do all the administrative register-fill-ins using pci_enable_msi()):

1. The kernel is compiled for MSI. (PCI_CONFIG_MSI=yes)
2. My card correctly advertises the MSI capability (checked with 'lspci -v').
3. I do get a new IRQ number in the pci_dev struct (217 instead of 193) after invoking pci_enable_msi().
4. After pci_enable_smi(), 'lspci -v' correctly indicates that Message Signalled Interrupts are now enabled (Enable+).
5. I can register the new IRQ with rtdm_request_irq(). Return value is 0.
6. The IRQ number appears in /proc/xenomai/irq.
7. I can enable the new IRQ with rtdm_irq_enable(). Return value is 0.
8. I can disable the new IRQ with rtdm_irq_disable(). Return value is 0.
9. I can unregister the new IRQ with rtdm_irq_free(). Return value is 0.
10. I'm able to do pci_disable_pci() successfully.

If I actually enable the card interrupt, it goes wrong after 7 after arrival of the first interrupt. The ISR is executed (checked that), which checks if the card was actually interrupting and, if so, returns with RTDM_IRQ_ENABLE. After that, the machine is absolutely dead (frozen).

Any hints, suggestions or things I may check ?

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