It's definitely an Adeos issue and msi.c needs fixing. What about this patch, do
things improve with it (against 2.6.15-ipipe-1.2-00)?

I going to try the patch later on. I have currently a ´fully instrumented´ kernel against which this patch would not ever work... I´m keeping that kernel for now, because I´m also investigating why MSI also doesn´t work under RTDM. It´s merely a coincidence that the above bug (MSI interrupts from Linux devices getting blocked) emerged and produced exactly the same behaviour (system hanging).

But, normally, that path is not used in RT mode, is it ? So something else is getting in the way.

At the first look of it, I´m a bit wary of touching that msi.c . I was rather thinking of kicking out __ack_APIC() altogether ? Or is that not possible ? (I see only problems in p4.c and smp.c - but I haven´t looked at these very closely.)

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