> The latest patch was incomplete; you might be luckier with 
> this one. I've merged Jeroen's last observations on this issue and mine.

I tried this patch and it doesn't solve the issue I'm facing. With and
without this patch, my symptoms are the same.

I'm running a Dell 2850, dual CPU machine.  When I build a kernel without
Adeos then things are fine.  When I build with Adeos and MSI enabled the
following occurs:

1) If BIOS has USB disabled then the system will hang without even a
num-lock respose (i.e. tapping the num-lock key doesn't toggle the light).
The hang occurs just about the time the E1000 driver would load and enable
an MSI interrupt.

2) If BIOS has USB enabled then the system will run much longer but may hang
during heavy interrupt load on the E1000 driver.

My assumption based on past experience is that no num-lock response means an
infinite interrupt loop.

When I build a kernel with Adeos but disable MSI then the system works fine
for the most part.  There is one scenario where the system will still hang
doing disk and network accesses under a moderate load of I/O.

Both of these tests are just to get a stable kernel before I really start
using Adeos.  So Adeos is in its default configuration and I haven't loaded
Xenomai modules when these hangs occur.

I'm currently running the kernel with the 2.6.14-1.0-12 patch of
adeos and then I included your msi.c patch from the previous e-mail.  If you
have any further hints or suggestions I'll try them.  Meanwhile I'm trying
different versions of various drivers (e1000 and scsi) as well as updating
the patch level of the kernel itself.


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