Here is -rc3, the dust is settling down now. For this release, we
have been working on the following issues:

o Generic 64-bit arithmetic support [Gilles]
o More powerpc 32/64 merging [Heikki]
o Native API updates [Jan, Gilles, me]
o POSIX API updates [Gilles]
o RTDM updates [Jan]
o Blackfin port upgraded to uClinux 2005R4-RC2 [me]
o 2.4 fixes for both ppc and x86 [Wolfgang, me]
o Adeos updates for x86, ia64 and ARM

See the ChangeLog for details as usual.

Two patches remain to be merged before -final, namely:

o Dmitry's shared IRQ support.
o Gilles's scalable timers extension.

After that, and the usual set of last minute "can't live without this
one" fixes, v2.1 should be ready for prime time.



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