I understand that the prepare-kernel.sh script is a kind of 
"smart patch" program. It is very nice, but for packaging for 
Debian we need a real diff file. So I am currently modifying 
prepare-kernel.sh to be even smarter, so that it can optionally 
generate a diff file instead of actually modifying the Linux 
tree. This is done efficiently in terms of disk space, i.e. it  
does not duplicate the Linux tree to generate the diff file.
I will send a patch for prepare-kernel.sh once I have finished.

However, I have a problem: some files are copied (linked) several 
times into the Linux tree. As a consequence, in a generated diff 
file those files would be duplicated. And I believe that such a 
duplication is unecessary.

Here are the sets of links that are currently made by 
prepare-kernel.sh (on every line: Linux tree -> Xeno tree):

1- arch/<arch>/xenomai/* -> ksrc/arch/<arch>/*
2- kernel/xenomai/* -> ksrc/*
3- kernel/xenomai/arch/* -> ksrc/arch/<arch>/*
4- kernel/xenomai/drivers/*... -> ksrc/drivers/*...
5- kernel/xenomai/nucleus/*... -> ksrc/nucleus/*...
6- kernel/xenomai/skins/*... -> ksrc/skins/*...
7- drivers/xenomai/*... -> ksrc/drivers/*...
8- include/asm-<arch>/xenomai/* -> include/asm-<arch>/*
9- include/asm-generic/xenomai/* -> include/asm-generic/*
10- include/xenomai/* -> include/*
11- include/xenomai/asm-<arch>/* -> include/asm-<arch>/*
12- include/xenomai/asm-generic/* -> include/asm-generic/*

1- and 3- are redundant: I guess that 3- is not required?
4- and 7- are redundant: I guess that 4- is not required?
8- and 11- are redundant: I guess that 11- is not required?
9- and 12- are redundant: I guess that 12- is not required?
I everybody agrees, I will modify prepare-kernel.sh to not 
generate the 3-, 4-, 11- and 12- sets of links.

Note that removing the 3- and 4- sets of links would also require 
to modify the ksrc/Makefile file, so that the line:
obj-$(CONFIG_XENOMAI) += arch/ nucleus/ skins/
obj-$(CONFIG_XENOMAI) += nucleus/ skins/
and the following line should be suppressed:
subdir-$(CONFIG_XENOMAI) += arch
Is that OK?

It would even be better and easier to modify the Xenomai source 
tree to match better the Linux tree:
    L arch
    L drivers
    L kernel
        L nucleus
        L skins

And I also will make prepare-kernel.sh not link (or generate 
diff) for the asm-<arch> and arch/<arch>/ directories for 
architectures that are different from the built architecture.


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