Some more debugging (printf´s ;-)) of the example satch.c  revealed that 
taskSpawn hangs in a function of the nucleus module nucleus/pod.c called 

This is the caller stack :


and xnpod_schedule never returns.
Does anybody can give me some more hints for debugging or knows the solution 
for this problem ?

Thank you for your help in advance.

> I am using xenomai-2.1-rc2 and try to create a task via the 
> vxWorks skin function taskSpawn. As I have read that uvm and 
> vxWorks exclude each other, I just inserted the xeno_uvm 
> module (not the xeno_vxworks.o module ). No problems so far. 
> When I start my application nothing happens (no errormessages 
> ...), the application seems to hang. Debugging printf´s show 
> that the function taskSpawn never returns and the task to be 
> spawned (there is no evidence that she is running) never 
> produces any debug output.
> This happens with both vxworks skin examples koan.c and satch.c.
> Xenomai native skin works, satch and latency are running.
> Does anybody have any idea/recomendation about this behavior ?
> Thank you in advance !
> Roderik
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