Hannes Mayer wrote:
> Hi all!
> I just recognized that "top" doesn't start if the
> RTDM demo
> http://www.captain.at/xenomai-real-time-driver-example.php
> runs.
> => "user" runs, "top" is started:
> "top" doesn't start as long as "user" is running.
> When "user" is terminated, "top" displays the ncurses screen.
> xeno-2.1-rc3
> K2.6.15
> Anyone got an idea ?

That's because you grab the standard timer but do not propagate it to
Linux (all timed activity of Linux freezes, not just top). Moreover,
this demo only works in case Xenomai is using the APIC timer. Otherwise,
that IRQ is blocked for RT drivers (Dmitry's shared IRQ patch is not yet


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