Dear Gilles,

perhaps I should have mentioned in my earlier postings that I am using a 
PowerPC platform. I hope this does not nullify your prior analyses.
As the following output shows, my timer is running in onshot mode :

~ # cat /proc/xenomai/timer

so, the prerequisites for uvm module should be correct !?
Is the default timing something I can influence with the vxWorks-API ? In the 
examples satch.c and koan.c I canĀ“t see any function call refering to timer 
mode manipulation.

Best regards 

> This looks like a configuration issue: I get a similar 
> behaviour when configuring periodic timing by default and 
> loading the native module before the uvm module. The uvm skin 
> needs aperiodic timing.
> The UVM skin should refuse to start with an error instead of 
> starting with the wrong timer. I am trying to fix this.
> -- 
>                                           Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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