Philippe Gerum wrote :

I've run the satch example successfully on an Icecube board here using -rc2. What's the status of this issue on your side? Was it a timer configuration issue as suspected by Gilles?

Status is unchanged. I still try to debugg satch with gdb/ddd and have been a 
little bit successfull with this.
But I face more and more problems the deeper I dig into the system (e.g. unresolved symbols when compiling vxWorks-examples
 with --debug enabled (see other thread)

This has been fixed in the repository:

or now, gdb moans about "cannot find bounds of current function" (do you have any idea, what this means ?))

It means that GDB is confused actually; while stepping into some code, it could not locate the routine the current text address belongs too. This might happen when interrupting the program execution while it was running some code GDB has no symbolic information about. Nothing to worry about, unless GDB would not find any symbol at all.

I donĀ“t think it is a timer problem, as my timer is running in oneshot mode and 
not in
 continous mode what causes the problem on Gilles system. But I am not shure.

Could you try running "strace" on your program? TIA,

Nevertheless, thank you for asking !! If you have any other suggestions what I 
can do, please let me know. I will inform you when the status changes on my 

Best Regards



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